Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

P1T2 Distance Challenges Friendship from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

New project update!! Our new project here in G.T. class is about creating a video that has humorous digital animation using all teammates’ puppet warp characters to exaggerate their personal traits & idiosyncrasies while telling a relatable story with embedded life lessons that is easy for an audience of your peers to understand. So my group has three people; Meagan, Jasmine, and myself. So each of us has our own personal traits; Meagans' character trait is laughability because she laughs easily and makes others laugh as well, Jasmines' character trait is funniness because she makes humorous comments, and my character trait according to my teammates is Glamorous because I'm a fashionista that loves shopping.

We used humor by saying things we thought were funny. Our characters also did some things that weren't "normal".

Music Video Finale

P1T7 Oui from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Our final project of our middle school lives is music video! We will be going to high school! So our music video is the song "Oui" by Jeremih and our storyline relates with our lyrics because our storyline shows how these two people need each just how the song says it. 

In our music video, we don't really have a fast edit sequence. So really I don't have a favorite fast edit. Though I like our storyline in our music video. Also this music video shows us having fun and not always being serious and uptight, instead we are chill and having fun. 

Our last music video of our 8th grade year doesn't really showcase our best work to be honest because our communication was poor and Jasmine was absent most of the time because she was sick, so its a little understandable. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Character Development

Do people ask you what kind of a person you are? I get asked quit a lot, and usually I really don't know what to say, and yes I know to some people that may seem like a weird question. But anyway I am the type of person that is nice when I meet you but when you get to know me well I become weird and mean at times. Humorous or relatable imperfections that me and you might have is...

While animating myself, I plan for the character traits to be just like me, maybe even a little more exaggerated. So the character traits that the animation will have is nice, weird, mean.

The steps in making this GIF animated character can be simple or it can be difficult. Step one is to get a photo of yourself in a certain pose. The second step is to go into photoshop and make a cut out that separates you from the background and once you have that you save it and then you also make another copy of it, the reason you make a copy of the cut out is because if you mess up on the first one at least you have a back up. Once you made the copy you are gonna want to crop it to a smaller size, the reason is because if you are working in a big size than photoshop may slow down and it won't turn out great. The third step is to go to edit >puppet warp > place pins. Then to make an animation go to window > animation > drop down menu. Then select all frames and change to 0.1 second. Now you have your animation. In my opinion I'm not in favor of making this GIF animated character of myself 

Friday, April 1, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

  P1T6 Demon Possesses Sisters from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Hooray!! We are filming to be entered in the 2nd Annual .MOV Film Festival. Keywords? Our keywords are horror, spoof, and comedy. I think these words connect with our audience because whenever people make a horror movie cliche people always think "oh,its a horror movie remake, horror, spoof, and comedy." Right....right.

Our overall message is letting people know its okay to have a sense of humor at a hard time. Our message is this because a lot of people are always uptight and don't really have a bright side to whenever things happen bad. There is always a positive side to a negative

Our biggest challenge is filming a middle school girl driving,why? bc we are not legally able to drive until 15 1/2. Also some other challenges we faced were being able to film other than one day because we all had other things planned, some expected some unexpected.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

Is one picture enough for you? For me one picture is not enough, when I take pictures even if it's of one specific thing I still take multiple. The reason one picture isn't enough is because what if the picture is blurry or something else. When breaking up a panorama you need to composite your images, what I mean by this is when you want a panorama but can't get one you make multiple shots while slightly moving the camera  

Is there a difference between polar and spherical panos? Yes there is a big difference, for a polar pano it's taking a panoramic landscape including defined horizon lines manipulated to create a circular planet like image and a spherical pano is taking a circular shape with content that is formed on the surface or inside. Also when creating these two amazing images there is only one step different and that is when creating your spherical you don't rotate the image you distort it.

What makes my tiny worlds convincing is my shadows and the fact that it doesn't look as if I'm a cut out. Also the way that I made my images look like my own little world and my own future seeing globe. Also I tried my very best for this project and I made it as convincing as possible with hiding the lines. Hiding where the panorama started and where is ended was difficult, but I used the stamp tool to hide that and did the best I could.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

David Hockney's photomontages are different from mines because first thing first David Hockney is a professional and I am just a beginner, though with a lot of practice I can become like David Hockney. Also since David Hockney has done with for many years he knows what he is doing.

We see images everywhere we go, no matter if its on social media or in a magazine or a simple photo taken by yourself. But what message do you get from those photos? Are they positive messages or negative? I'll give you an example of a positive message, lets say you saw an image of flowers blossoming, the message you could get from that is "there is always a new beginning" or anything that you can imply. An example of a negative message is seeing a photo of your friends or someone very close to you starting to feel like they don't belong,a message someone might get from that image is thinking that they just want attention or they have nothing better to do then make people feel bad.

Photomontages have messages and people get different messages from different pictures. For my photomontage there will be a lot of different messages that people will get, the reason I say that is because my photomontage is my makeup. For guys I intend the message to be makeup is part of a girls life no matter what, even if it's just mascara. The message I intend girls to have is

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Aspirations

It's 2016 New Year, new me wait no never mind its just a new year. But everyone has their goals that they want to achieve. So my 5 goals that I would like to achieve are number 1 spending more time with friends not just in school but outside school as well, my reason is because I always have to be with my family and I never have time with friends, my family is very protective so they don't really let me go anywhere unless it's something for school or an adult is with me. My second goal is to prepare myself for high school and not get anymore C's, I mostly just want to get A's, my reason is because my whole future depends on my grades and to reach my future goals my grades need to be A's. My third goal is to stop being late to school or meeting or anything important, which is mostly everything. I want to stop being late because when I get older being late is not a good thing, especially if it's important. My fourth goal is to cook more for my family, not just rice or something you can bake, but mostly like cooking a full dinner or lunch, so basically frying, making soups, etc. Finally my fifth goal is to grow my nails long and to not have them chip or break, I want to grow my nails long because I really can't handle having my nails short and also long nails are really nice when you paint them and get french tips without using fake nails.

My one main goal, well I actually have two not one but two main goals. Those two main goals is preparing myself for high school and not getting any C's but mostly A's and very few B's. My other goal is spending more time with my friends. These two main goals are both my number 1 goal because I rarely spend time with friends outside of school and lately my grades have been slipping. Also high school is just around the corner and that's when everything counts, if I have one C just one my dream college is down the drain. But I can't always focus on my studies,I also need a little freedom here and there. Hopefully I can achieve these two main goals in the coming year.

The steps I will take to ensure success is to get myself organized and prepared for everything. So I don't get any C's I will study whenever I must study and put my best effort in all my work, even if I don't have the effort too, I will. To spend more time with friends I must get all work done, including school work, house work, and farm work. After all if you want something you must work for it.